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LFCDA-LFB Fire Rescue tenders Featured Print

LFCDA-LFB Fire Rescue tenders

The 1990s saw a new breed of fire rescue tenders, large and small, introduced into the London Fire Brigade. The heavy rescue unit carried a comprehensive range of cutting and spreading equipment, a larger crew, breathing apparatus and chemical protection suits. The light unit, whilst having lifting and spreading equipment, did not have the same scoop of equipment and carried a smaller crew. The picture shows the open compartments of a light rescue unit.

© London Fire Brigade / Mary Evans Picture Library

LCC-LFB Fire display at Brigade HQ Southwark Featured Print

LCC-LFB Fire display at Brigade HQ Southwark

The London Fire Brigade encouraged, for very many years, a good public image by opening its doors to the public to special fire brigade displays. On Saturday afternoons, during the summer months, it was a regular feature to see displays at the Southwark Headquarters. As the picture shows it drew large, and frequently a boater-hatted, crowds. A motorised fire engine works two firefighting jets, while a turntable ladder is fully extended to the top of the drill tower. Where there was space to stand and watch the public took every opportunity to do so.

© London Fire Brigade / Mary Evans Picture Library

LCC-LFB Warehouse fire, Butlers Wharf, Bermondsey Featured Print

LCC-LFB Warehouse fire, Butlers Wharf, Bermondsey

A major docklands fire at Butlers Wharf, Bermondsey, SE London. It happened during a particularly cold spell for March. The attack on the fire by a large number of firefighters and their hoses resulted later in the sight of frozen water. Here a fireboat tackles the blaze from the river.

© London Fire Brigade / Mary Evans Picture Library

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